About Us

Jayasom’s quest is to share Wellness Wisdom with the world. Focus, balance, space, quiet, taking time, permission to be actively relaxed and centered. A spirit of learning and connection that you can take with you. Committed to a light resource footprint and a positive contribution in our communities.

Karen E. Campbell Chief Executive Officer

I was brought up in a family where healthy living was just the natural course of events. We grew fruit and vegetables and nurtured sheep and bees. We preserved and conserved and we recycled.

And now, 50-some years later. I ask myself how we arrived at this point in the world – where we travel too much, live life too busily, constantly consume and dispose and where the balance and the natural peace have been squeezed into a neglected corner. Where climate change is political and water levels threaten low-lying communities, and how is it even possible that this is new news for policy-makers?

While we may not be able to change everything, we can at least reclaim our conscious awareness. We can still our minds, release the pressure in our bodies and reconnect with the wisdom that perhaps has been forgotten over time. How to breathe. How to be still. How to eat better and appreciate where that food comes from. To be mindful and to make conscious choices.

Jayasom was created to re-connect people with the wisdom of wellness. We draw upon the ancient healing traditions of generations past and the know-how of today to share as a waypoint, or possibly a turning point, in life’s journey.